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Consciousness to Music to Conservation - aiming at truth, rather than victory; embracing the liminal space

A wide-ranging conversational style podcast in Hawai'i produced by host and musician Abe Vandenberg. Links to podcast player apps are below; you can stream episodes below those links

Oct 16, 2018

This episode features a composition written, performed, and produced by Abe Vandenberg


Featured Music written, performed, produced by Abe Vandenberg


These Tweets, below, are from one of my favorite podcasts. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Tangentially Speaking: Episode 303 w/Bruce Damer (Origins of Life/Future in Space)


1/"So by going back to the booting up of life we can see the 3 building blocks that physics is crappy at, physics can't do probability very well. Here we have a 13 billion year old Universe and we get Gold.." #BruceDamer @ThatChrisRyan


2/"...we get Uranium, but we don't get Californium until Intelligence makes the, it's like, that's all the Universe has done in 13 billion years is make a bunch of stars and heavy elements, it's not productive, right.." #BruceDamer @ThatChrisRyan


3/"'s really not productive. It's doggedly didn't make complex things, but when life gets started, life is like, takes off. And so the Copernican revolution is the following, if we found the engine.." #BruceDamer @ThatChrisRyan

4/" will roll through not only evolutionary biology, it rolls down into physics because we found a way that physics can actually read and write's a self assembly of building blocks in a cycling system.." #BruceDamer @ThatChrisRyan






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