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Consciousness to Music to Conservation - aiming at truth, rather than victory; embracing the liminal space; a wide-ranging conversational style podcast in Hawai'i produced by host and musician Abe Vandenberg

Conversations about: Ayahuasca, EMR, Human Origins, Immigration Law, Mysticism, Ancient Egypt, Consciousness, Cave Art, and [original music: saxophone electric ukulele guitar groove grunge]

Dec 6, 2019

“If people remain unaware, in the illusion of the simplicity of sending an email, then there isn’t really a way to move forward until Nature imposes limits on us”

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Where do we get these wonderful toys? What are the hidden costs of the Internet? How do we get silicon wafers for electronics manufacturing?

And while we’re at it, how are we able to download podcasts for free? Or is it free? What is the true cost? 

Katie Singer is the author of An Electronic Silent Spring


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Get informed about the true costs of using a smartphone


Reassembling Rubbish: Worlding Electronic Waste by Josh Lepawsky


Heather White’s award winning film “Complicit” about workers poisoned by benzene and n-hexane


Our Web of Inconvenient Truths - Nov 2019 Newsletter


Modern Slavery and Your Devices


On Global Electricity Usage of Communication Technology: Trends to 2030


The Campaign to Reduce Our Internet Footprint


Why do we burn coal and trees to make solar panels?


On Global Electricity Usage of Communication Technology: Trends to 2030


Limits to Growth by Donella H. Meadows


Our Web of InconvenientTruths



Magical Egypt

(go to to this podcast’s Episode 13 with Chance Gardner, released Nov 8, 2018)


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